Chef's Knife made of Damascus steel

There are so many knives to choose from in the chef knife segment.
We took the time to really think this product over, and decided to choose an underdog. Upon reviewing this product, we realized it is a sure winner with regards to pricing and performance.

What do you really need to know about this product?
It is cheap, but performs like the real deal. Lightweight and has a very easy to grip handle. The beautiful design is distracting 
and will make you think it is not as good as the Japanese chef knives that are $$$. However, you will be proven wrong as soon as 
you grab hold of it and start cutting your first meal prep with it.

It is a very satisfying item to have in your kitchen. This is also one great product to replace your expensive chef knife that you love for years, but needs to retire. Place your old knife in the drawer and purchase this one now.